Lego suspende sus acciones promocionales en Daily Mail – El poder de la movilización en redes sociales.

Acaba de llegar a mi TL de Twitter el mensaje de la cuenta de Lego por el que anuncian la terminación del acuerdo con el diario Daily Mail y cualquier relación comercial futura.


Se trata del epílogo de una movilización de un papá usuario y fan de Lego, que conseguía piezas para su hija a través de una promoción del periódico Daily Mail. Comprar algo que no le gustaba (Daily Mail) para obtener el producto deseado (piezas de Lego). Equilibrio razonable para el fan de Lego, hasta que le plantea dificultades mayores cuando siente que se está haciendo portavoz indirecto (al financiarlo) de lo que considera barbaridades de ese medio. Y pide a Lego que se desligue de Daily Mail.


Post publicado en Facebook el 4 de noviembre. Recibió una primera respuesta de Lego el 7 de noviembre. No era la que esperaba el decepcionado cliente, por lo que la petición se mantuvo. Y la movilización se alimentó y expandió en las redes sociales. Cinco días después, el 12 de noviembre, con el peso de 22.700 likes y reacciones en Facebook (de las cuales 470 son de enfado), junto con 920 comentarios y compartido por 12.700 usuarios, han decidido tomar la decisión anunciada al inicio de este post.

Simplemente, el poder de movilización de las redes sociales por causas que se consideran justas es casi infinita. Son muchos los que insisten en que un “me gusta” y un retuit no valen para nada, que el mundo no se cambia desde un sofá. Nada más alejado de la realidad.


El intercambio de mensajes Bob Jones – Lego en Facebook. (acceder al enlace)

Mensaje Bob Jones 4 noviembre.

Bob Jones‎ en LEGO

4 de noviembre a las 9:22 · Londres, Inglaterra, Reino Unido ·

Dear Lego.

I love Lego. My 6 year old son loves Lego. He inherited all of mine three years ago and his collection has multiplied many times since. We spend time going to Brickies, our local Lego club. All he wants for Christmas is Lego, and we’re even taking him to Windsor for a stay in the Lego hotel at Christmas.

It seems you can do no wrong.

But I’m concerned. For a few years now you have done free giveaways in the Daily Mail newspaper. And while holding back that wretching feeling, I’ve paid for a copy to get the free Lego pack. (And then promptly binned the paper) The poly bag packs usually end up as part of my sons advent calendar. Which he loves. But I’m afraid to say I can no longer do it.

While I disagree with their political stand I can accept their right to have it.
But lately their headlines have gone beyond offering a right wing opinion. Headlines that do nothing but create distrust of foreigners, blame immigrants for everything, and as of yesterday are now having a go at top judges in the U.K. for being gay while making a legal judgment. Their stories have gone a little too far. (A lot too far)

It genuinely bothers me, that a great progressive company like yours supports this “news” paper, helping increase its circulation.

Lego, to me has always been an inclusive product. Breaking barriers between gender, building children’s imagination and confidence to do their own thing. Something adults and children can and do, bond over.

Your links to the Daily Mail are wrong. And a company like yours shouldn’t be supporting them. And as crap as I feel telling my son he can’t have the free Lego kit that he sees on the front of the paper in the store, I have explained to him that the paper it is attached to is the sort of paper that tells lies about people, like some of his friends from school. Even my six year old understands that what they print is wrong.

I’m sure I’m not the only person with this opinion. And I’m sure many people would like to know if you intend to keep supporting this publication in the future.

#stopfundinghate #nolego

Please share to get this message out



Respuesta Lego 7 de noviembre

LEGO Hi Bob! At the LEGO® Group, we are dedicated to delivering creative LEGO® play experiences to children all over the world, since children are our most important concern. In order to provide hands-on LEGO play experiences and reach even more children, we use a variety of channels, one of which is partnerships, e.g. with media.

We continuingly evaluate and develop our partnerships and approach to those, in order to ensure that we are present on the best possible platforms for reaching children and parents, and that we provide a seamless, high-quality brand experience through all the channels on which we are present.


Respuesta Bob Jones 7 Noviembre

Update:7th November.. Lego responded.. it’s below in the comments…
this is my response to their reply.. I am also communicating with the directly via email.. I know many people have also done the same.. please keep it up.. and thank you everyone for your support.. for what I started, and your love of Lego enough to try and get them to change. My response..
Hi Lego.
Thanks for your reply. I appreciate that fact that you read the message.
I also appreciate the response to the email I sent on Sunday linking to the Facebook thread, which has grown considerably since I originally messaged.
In both cases I do feel a little disappointed by the response. And already, you can see on the thread, that many of the people aren’t happy either. I’m not sure you have fully understood the point I am trying to make.
I understand and fully except opposing political view. Without it there is no discussion or change. I also understand the media will also have its own bias. But the problem is that I do not see the Daily Mail as just having a political opinion for the right anymore.
Recent headlines and stories, both in print and online, have gone beyond opinion. They have moved into unashamed discrimination towards sections of our society. This is something that has recently been growing in the UK and is causing more problems for some people over here.
Discrimination isn’t a political stance. It’s not a matter of belief. It’s just fundamentally wrong.
Targeting set groups of people and casting them all in a negative light, doesn’t reflect the standards your company projects. Discrimination breeds xenophobia, racism and distrust of people, undeserving of it.
I ask you to look into recent headlines of the Daily Mail. Dismiss the political opinion and see what’s left. I know I’m not alone in seeing that it’s something that just fuels hate.
I’ve spent the weekend reading as many of the comments on this thread as possible. The majority, if not all, are in full support of you as a company, yet don’t understand why you’d choose to be associated with the Daily Mail, because of how they are perceived. There is disbelief that this would be the best route you could take in getting your product out to children.
Your giveaways undoubtedly help increase circulation of the Daily Mail. Therefore indirectly, your company helps spread its message. That is the link people make, and this is what they acknowldge. Not that some children are getting the chance to play with Lego
I’d like to think, as you stated in your email to me, that this will go further up in the company. The passion generated here, has filled your Facebook page and that must be of some interest to the company owners. You must prefer your pages to be filled with the creations and exploits of your Lego fans?
I look forward to hearing back from you.
Bob Jones.


Respuesta Lego 12 noviembre

LEGO Hi Bob! Our agreement with The Daily Mail has finished and we have no plans to run any promotional activity with the newspaper in the foreseeable future.


Respuesta Bob Jones 12 de noviembre

UPDATE.. 12th November
you all saw their response… I don’t know if we persuaded them, or they came to the decision themselves.. either way, I look forward to seeing what their future promotions will be… Give them some ideas of places it would work..?
team up with Oxfam, Barnados, or go direct to schools,
I just ask that everyone does one thing… Share the good news.. and get #YESLEGO trending…
I’m off to the shops… I fancy treating myself to the Wall-E model I’ve been trying to justify myself buying…
and I’ll get my son something too…
thanks to everyone who followed this.. I had no idea it would go viral.. but your support for a product we all love, and the manner in which discussion and comments were left was very good to see..
keep supporting the organisation #stopfundinghate because they are the real ones fighting this problem..
have an excellent weekend people… and may your christmases be plagued by sore feet, and rattling hoovers… 🙂


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