CNN #GOPDebate September 16th 2015 – Twitter Impact Analysis

The second debate of Republican candidates for the Presidential election was conducted by CNN, on September 16th 2015.

We analyzed in a previous post the impact of first #GOPDebate at Fox News on Twitter (see here, in Spanish).

Twitter impact of CNN #GOPDebate

These are the results concerning the impact generated by each candidate, on Twitter.

Donald Trump completely deminated the buzz on Twitter, as he captured 41% of all mentions. Second most popular candidate during the debate day was Carly Fiorina, as she got 11.8% of all Twitter mentions. Number three was Jeb Bush, with a 8.1% share. Ben Carson comes number four and Marco Rubio takes the fifth position.

Gopdebate 2 cnn impact

#GOPdebate #2 Vs #1

Now we compare the distribution of Twitter exposure of CNN debate versus the first debate, one month and a half before.

We see that Donald Trump created a similar degree of buzz on both debates, arounf 40% of all mentions. Fiorina increases substantially her share of voice in this second debate (she did not take part in the main debate at Fox News). Jeb Bush also reinforces his visibility, while Ben Carson loses some of the impact created in the first debate.

gopdebate cnn vs fox twitter impact


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